Mr Everett

Ilustration and Graphic Design for Mr. Everett
Album Cover

Illustration and Graphic Design for Mr. Everett
Facebook covers for concerts

Illustration for Mr. Everett

Stop Motion Loop for Mr. Everett


Mr. Everett has born in 2015 as a music project by the hands of two Musicians, one Singer and one Performer.
In the July of 2016 I’ve been asked to join the band (with a Choreographer and a Visual Artist) in order to help this creature grows up strong.
This is an ongoing new project created by passionate people and now we want to make it professional.
I started working as Illustrator for the band’s album cover but in the process I became also the Stylist, the Project Coordinator and the Art Director. I know that it’s a lot of work but it’s totally worth it.


Illustrator, Stylist, Project Coordinator, Art Director


Mr Everett