The Urge Series




December 2018


This series is about sex and disability. As a society we tend to ignore the fact that every disabled person is first of all a human being, and like every other human he/she has desires, instincts and needs: urges.
Anna is convinced that society didnʼt actively refuse to think about the urges of disabled people, because she believes in the power of empathy, but the misrepresentation (or even non-representation) of disability in the media through the years leaded us to forget in some way that disability is a fact and a real forgotten minority.
The discrimination of disabled people related to sex is a complex topic with a wide range of issues, from the desexualization of a body that the majority of people canʼt recognize as sexual (therefore incapable of feeling pleasure), to more complex, political and ethical problems that concerns giving to disabled with forms of paralysis some kind of sexual assistance.
In a world that wants to bring equal rights and equal well-being to an increasingly growing varieties of minority, we must detach ourself from a trend- based mediatic concept of “minority” and ask ourselves if we are still missing something and how can we open our mind and hearts to be receptive towards the forgotten.
Anna thinks that every social change can (and has) to start simply bringing out the topic, reminding society that we are missing something and we should talk about it, starting to notice and analyze the world around us through one of the most powerful tools: empathy.

“Urge” Series

Variant Cover

talking about sex and disability

digital paintings 2018

“Urge” Series n.1/2/3

talking about sex and disability

digital paintings 2018