Anna Paladini

Freelance Graphic and Textile Designer, Illustrator Milan, Italy


Graphic Designer/Art Director

Condé Nast

-Development of custom web contents for L:SA;
-graphic design;
-video editing.

Graphic and Textile Designer

Moschino S.p.A.

Traditional and digital artworks mainly for textile print, textile design, advertising and fashion illustration.

Graphic and Textile Designer/Illustrator


Development of illustration and artworks for many purposes. Direct communication both with the Visual Merchandisers (to discuss and develop the work ) and the suppliers (in order to follow the production process and help to solve technical issues).

-Watches window decals 2017, illustrator
-High Jewelry event 2016, textile designer
-Christmas 2016, graphic and textile designer
-Bulgari Magazine cover, issue n.9, illustrator

Art Director/Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Stylist

Mr. Everett

Mr. Everett has born in 2015 as a music project by the hands of two Musicians, one Singer and one Performer.
In the July of 2016 I’ve been asked to join the band (with a Choreographer and a Visual Artist) in order to help this creature grows up strong.
This is an ongoing new project created by passionate people and now we want to make it professional.
I started working as Illustrator for the band’s album cover but in the process I was involved also as Stylist, Co-Coordinator and ultimately as Art Director.

Graphic and Textile Designer

FBLP / For Better Looking People

Traditional and digital artworks for textile print and textile design.

Graphic and Textile Designer


Traditional and digital artworks mainly for textile print and textile design.


IED Istituto Europeo di Design

Bachelor’s degree, Fashion/Apparel Design and Textile Design

Fashion Design, Textile Design, design and construction of patterns, hand knitting and industrial knitting with machines, Product Management, project developement from research to realization of a collection, Styling, Cool Hunting.

ISA Istituto Statale d’Arte

High School Diploma, Stop Motion Cinema

Storyboarding, Stop Motion Cinema, Illustration, Advertising Graphics, Graphic Designs, Comic, traditional Art, digital Art, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Xylography, Chalcography, Lithography, Typography.


Graphic Design Illustration Textile Design Art Direction Fashion Design Traditional Art Digital Art Styling