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I was born in 1989, in a little village deep in the Italian countryside. Due to my true passion about any form of visual art, I started experimenting with drawing techniques at a very young age and never stopped ever since.

I graduated at the School of Arts of Urbino and specialized in illustration and animated-film making. In order to continue my path through experimentation, I moved to Milan and attended the IED Fashion conveying my passion for comics and cinema through dressmaking.

I’m now a freelance and work mostly as illustrator and textile designer for companies such as Moschino and Bulgari and every now and then I take part in indie projects as consultant and Art Director.

Aside of my freelance carreer, in January of 2020 I was asked to be part of the teaching staff of IED Moda Lab Milano, where I teach Textile Design and Traditional & Digital Rendering.

Being a designer and a professor at the same time gives me the double advantage of providing my students with concrete and contextual teachings from first hand experiences, and of refining my methond of communication in my work, thanks also to teaching.


During the last few months I hve had the opportunity to demostrate to my clients how important technology is in the organization of work, and how it can have a huge positive impact on productivity and on the freedom and security of the individual.

Thanks to my passion for technology and working method developed over the years, I have been able to respond on the needs of my clients and to help solve some of the problems related to the transition from working/teaching on site to telematic work/teaching.


Fashion &

Textile Design

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Animated Film Making

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